Terms Of Use

By Browsing this website, images and pages you agree to our Terms and Conditions. This is a summary of our T&C and Usage conditions a full copy of our T&C can be requested.
All Images are the Owner of the Photographer, you cannot use any photos or images that are displayed on our website, even if the photo is of you, without purchasing a license. The different licenses 
will outline what you can and cannot do. We have 3 levels of License for usage: "PRIVATE USE" - "EDITORIAL USE" - "COMMERCIAL USE".

This is for anyone wanted to receive a copy of an image for private use only, such as downloaded and stored in a private computer for private viewing only, or as a print to display for private use.
It cannot NOT be used for Advertisement (even private sale or online), Commercial use or Editorial usage without purchasing the correct license or received written approval from us. If you are
a private user member and wish to extend the license to cover other than private use, then please contact us first before using it. Any Images found with either watermark or used without proper license will be
automatically sent for collection to a third party, who will start process against you in the court unless you pay the fine. Simply removing an image is not enough after it has been discovered. We have no
say once it is sent to the collection company. All cost will be on you, so that is why we are making sure you understand and agree to only use the images you purchase as to the license agreement.

This license is for Online and Printed Media, License let the purchaser use our images for editorial news, press releases both online and in printed media. License has different sizes and length of time.
This License also cover a person wishing to use a private use license to extend it for additional usage such as adverts for private use.

This license covers a company who would like to use a photograph for commercial usage, could be for branding, All commercial usage request has to have a Model Release, Property Release, prior to using the image.
The License fee depends on location and length of time. 

The Best way to stay out of any issues in regards of licenses and which one is right for you and what you want to use it for, is to contact us first, we are more than happy to help!