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Sports Press Ireland a Sports Photography Agency based in Dublin, Ireland. We specialize in Horsesports & Basketball on National and International levels. We also receive and hold other images from freelance photographers around the globe as per clients requirements.

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All images are copyright protected worldwide. if you use any of our images without first purchasing a license, you agree to pay any fines our legal representatives deemed to be fair or face legal action against you in court for breach of copyright laws for photographers. Please always purchase the correct license for the intended use, or if not sure, please ask first and we will help you.

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Sports Press Ireland


Dublin . Ireland


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All images are © copyright protected, no images can be used, shared or otherwise without license direct from us. We provide several easy options to purchase a license from private use to full rights. Please respect our terms and conditions and if not sure which license to get, please ask first, as any wrong uses will be fined with a fee of min €250 euro per image and place, and possible legal action.